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Creative Freelancer Blog Roundup

Posted by Ilise Benun on

With the Creative Freelancer Business Conference rapidly approaching (May 12-16 in Boston), the CFC blog is ripe with great information. Here is a selection of recent posts:

Graphic Design Rates: Are Your Prices Too Low?
Here's the scoop, courtesy of Ilise Benun's recent interview with Jason Blumer of Blumer CPAs.

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Virtual Teams: Coming to a Business Near You!
Damien Golden writes about how virtual teams are all over the place, spanning multiple industries and changing the face of business as we know it.

Freelancing to the Rescue (again!)
Love this New York Times article, After One Spouse Loses a Job, Finding a New Balance in a Marriage, by Rachel Swarns. It’s another story of a creative professional who lost his job, tried freelancing and is making a go of it…

7 Freelance Virtues
Whether you're just starting out or have been a solo pro for decades, Tom Tumbusch shares how we can all thrive in 2014 by renewing our commitment to these 7 freelance virtues.

Freelancers: Do You Avoid Conflict?
Here’s an excerpt from a post on, the blog of Katie Lane, a lawyer who specializes in working with freelancers on contracts and conflicts — especially avoiding the latter!

Time To Start Your Freelance Business?
If you are a: Moonlighting freelancer In house designer who may one day go freelance New freelancer who isn’t sure if you can make freelancing work A veteran… freelancer who wants to take your business to the next level …then it just might be time to take my brand new 2-week, online course, “How…

Do You Need a Freelance Business Plan?
One of the topics I often discuss with freelancers is how to grow. And at the Creative Freelancer Business Conference, there is always at least one session on “options for growth” — because there are many, many options. (This year’s session is on Reinvention with Alina Wheeler.) One tool for growth no matter which option you choose is a plan.

[Podcast] Are you prepared? with Dana Manciagli
In this lively interview with CFBC host and founder of, Ilise Benun, Dana gives a taste of what she’ll be speaking on and shares some of her techniques (learned in her 30 years at Microsoft and other corporations) for living up to the expectations of corporate world.

For more information on topics like this, join us at the Creative Freelancer Business Conference. Use my discount code (ILISE14) to get $50 off your ticket to HOW Live or CFBC this May 12-16, 2014 in Boston.

*Illustration by Ian Keith.

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