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Create a Newsletter Subscribers Value

Posted by Ilise Benun on

We hear all the time that people "just don't know what to write about" in their e-newsletters. Well, thanks to Karen, here is a source of very good ideas.

Giving value is essential in today’s marketplace, regardless of what industry you’re in.  Today I’m going to share one way I give value to my newsletter subscribers.

First it may help you to know who my target audience is: People who work at charities and professional membership associations responsible for getting donations, raising funds, and for acquiring members.  By the way, charities and associations are both nonprofit organizations.

Because I’m a copywriter and marketing advisor, my newsletter content centers around these two topics as they relate to my target audience.  I publish twice a month.  Oh, and my subscribers include clients and prospects.

Each issue contains a main article plus three to five short tidbits of information.  I refer to these as “Hot Tips” and they’re the focus of this post. 

Why? Because many subscribers have told me these Hot Tips are very helpful to their work, and that they’re a big time saver for them.  Subscribers love them.

What’s in these tips?  Examples include:

  • Upcoming conferences, workshops, webinars.
  • News articles related to marketing and fundraising for nonprofits.  There’s a sentence or two of teaser copy with a link to the online news article.  
  • Bits of advice and recommendations on how to write better copy – or market themselves better – to help the nonprofits reach their goals. 
  • Another idea that compliments or builds upon the topic of the main article.
  • Updates on what the U.S. Postal Service is doing and how it impacts nonprofits.
  • Other funding sources such as grant resources, contests where the nonprofit winner receives cash or a gift-in-kind (i.e., professional services), award programs for nonprofits, etc.
  • Creative examples of what other nonprofits are doing to help spark the creativity of my subscribers.  Examples come from direct mail, email, social media, mobile, and anywhere.

I hope that gives you a few ideas on what you might also share with your readers. 

Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool.  But they require content that your readers find valuable.  And the content they value isn’t always what’s most valuable to you.

Karen Zapp is a freelance copywriter and marketing advisor.  Clients include charities and professional membership associations.  Karen publishes a newsletter (ZAPP Nonprofit Leader), and a blog (ZAPP Nonprofit Blog).  She is also the co-author of “Mobile for Nonprofits: Connecting Donors Through the Power of Mobile.”

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