Content marketing starts with email

Want to do content marketing—but unsure where to start? Email newsletters are a very effective way to launch into content marketing. They help people understand what you do, position you as an expert, and they can be posted on your website to continue to drive traffic even after the initial blast.

Here are some examples of how fellow creatives are using email newsletters as content marketing:

  • Kitty Singsuwan is a web designer whose email newsletter shares her opinion on three front end frameworks that people ask her about. Three front end frameworks. 
  • Susan Bodiker from Orion Advertising shares in her newsletter what Scheherazade can teach marketers about storytelling. What’s your story? 
  • Copywriter, Tom Tumbusch’s newsletter shares insight into helping bright, inventive people tell their stories without making the reader's eyes glaze over. Getting technical. 
  • In her latest newsletter, Shala Graham at SW Creatives shares 5 elements to a successful nonprofit website, an article written by their web designer, Ryan Phillips. 
  • Peter Levinson’s newsletter shares a rebranding case study in which he helped his security client get noticed. A b2b firm gets noticed. 
  • Sterling Creativeworks’ newsletter is a roundup of what they learned at the Unified Wine Symposium about what’s new in wine and spirits packaging.

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