Content Marketing for Creative Professionals

Everyone’s talking about “content marketing” as the best new marketing tool. But most creative professionals get stumped before they even get started because they’re not sure where to get the subject matter.

On the Creative Freelancer Blog, copywriter, Tom Tumbusch offered up a few tips for how to think about content marketing and where to find the actual content. Here’s an excerpt:

Put yourself in the shoes of your best prospects and forget about yourself for a moment. Ask yourself:
• What do they need?
• What do they want?
• What challenges are they struggling with?
• What keeps them awake at night?
• What would make their lives easier?

The answers to these questions will point you in the right general direction. (And if you can’t answer them quickly, you probably need to get to know your readers a lot better).
Once you’ve identified a hot button, put yourself back into the mix by asking what news, insights, or expertise you can share that will create value for your readers. Don’t think of this as a sales pitch. Instead, write as if you’re giving advice to a close personal friend who will never hire you.

Read on for a few specific places you can find great content ideas. And if you want to learn how to include content marketing in your own marketing plan, check out my new online course that starts July 9, “Developing a Successful Online Marketing Plan.”