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Contact management software for under the tree?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Ilise got a question from Jonathan Selikoff of Selikoff & Co., who wanted to know of any good contact management systems for the Mac. (Ilise, like other lucky-in-this-instance PC-users, uses ACT!)

Good question. Blogger/podcaster/Shameless Self-Promoter Heidi Miller had posted a similar plea on her blog awhile ago, and devoted portion of a recent podcast (shownotes and show link here) to the solutions her readers sent in. I cross-referenced them with ideas from geek heaven (a.k.a. the  user board for Merlin Mann’s always useful 43 Folders website) and a few entries came up most frequently:

  1. Daylite, by MarketCircle (highly rated for everyday users)
  2. SalesForce (extra-robust, for people w/ tons of contacts)
  3. Entourage (bundled with Office for the Mac)
  4. 37Signals (online management)

Since I gave up all extracurricular Microsoft usage, I’ve been hobbling along on the Apple iSuite solution— + iCal + AddressBook. The only other solution I have any familiarity with is FileMaker Pro, which I loved but haven’t used for years.

So I’m all ears, too. Anyone want to weigh in on contact management software for the Mac they couldn’t live without?

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