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Conquering the dreaded “cold call”

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I know it might seem hard to believe, but here is yet another example of how a small change in perspective can make something that once seemed “torturous” a lot more bearable, and possibly even exciting.

One of my Marketing Group members, Janet Mobley has shared a small victory when it comes to direct outreach. She said:

I made several "cold" calls this morning. And guess what….they weren't that bad!!

Right now, I'm not calling on my newly defined target market.  I'm calling on a bunch of leads I've had sitting in my CRM for a while. 

I've used cold calls in the past with some mixed results, but I've always dreaded them. 

This time I approached the calls from Ilise's perspective of a "direct outreach".  It really took the pressure off when I adjusted my expectations & goals for each call.

My two main goals for today were:

1.    Get over terror of "cold calling"

2.    Try to gain some tiny bit of info from each call so I could add that info to my database (decision maker's name, verify address, etc)

Hooray!!  I achieved both goals and it wasn't horrible.

I'm using my existing list as a "warm up" and practice for my new target market. I figured it'd be nice to make mistakes on ice cold leads from my database…before I start calling on my actual target market.

It truly was a matter of adjusting my attitude.  I've now set a goal to make at least 5 calls per day and I'm sort of looking forward to tomorrow's calls.  Crazy, huh?

Need to get over your fear? The next Marketing Group starts Sept 30th. Details here or fill out this form.

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