Connecting the dots of your marketing efforts

Marketing for Web Freelancers and Agencies via CTRL+CLICK Cast

Marketing for Web Freelancers and Agencies via CTRL+CLICK Cast

If your marketing isn’t working, it could be that the tools you’re using and the efforts you’re making aren’t integrated and supporting each other.

That was the case with Emily and Lea of Bright Umbrella before we started working together on their marketing.

Connecting the dots of their marketing has made them so much more efficient and effective. They described the before and after of that experience recently when they interviewed me for their CTRL+CLICK Cast podcast.

Here’s an excerpt from the conversation — see if it sounds familiar.

Emily: One of the things that was key to all of it is that they all work hand in hand. They’re all part of the system. You can’t go all in on one and that’s it. You do have to look at all of them as a whole system together.

Lea: And I think that’s an important thing to emphasize because, again, these are not like, say, new concepts to Emily or me. We’ve always done networking, we’ve done our own content marketing and outreach, but none of them were cohesive.

We were like, “Okay, here’s an event, I guess let’s go.” That was literally our thinking. “Here’s an event, let’s go,” and there’s no follow-up plan afterwards. There’s no blog post or content or newsletter to point somebody we met at that networking event to. And then if there’s some sort of outreach, which Emily and I have done, it was out of the blue, no context, and confusing.

Emily: Confusing.

Lea: Yeah, it’s confusing and inconsistent. So basically when you have all these three and you’re thinking you’re marketing because you’re doing these things, you don’t have a plan.

Emily: They don’t interrelate.

Lea: Yeah, they don’t interrelate. They don’t have a plan. They don’t have a direction. It can all quickly fall apart or even harm you I think because, for example, when Emily and I did the random outreach, without context, without a plan, without a reason besides us just outreaching, it came off desperate to be frank.

If you suspect this is your situation, see how Bright Umbrella connects the dots.

It sounds simple but takes effort: choose your focus and develop the positioning around it, then put in place the 3 main marketing tools that work best together — networking, outreach and content marketing — and unleash them on the market!

Listen to the rest of the conversation or read the entire transcript here to learn how they have connected the dots so you can too.

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