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Choosing a URL when most are taken

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In one of the "Feet to the Fire Groups" this week, Carrie Hamilton of Kismet Design offered this advice to a colleague who is trying to find a URL for her already named company:

Finding the perfect URL is almost impossible. My company is called Kismet primarily because it was one of a few words I liked the sound of that was available with "" after it.

When people are looking for you on the web, they’re likely to try .com first, as I’m sure you know, though personally, I Google practically everything anyway. I would think that if someone wants to find you, they will, whether you’re a .com or a .biz. (or a .net). We’re all more internet savvy than we used to be.

Aesthetically speaking, though, .com is just a little bit nicer.

Why not try slight, memorable variations on your business name, like or or even How about, since your target market is women? Using underscores (_) might work, too.

You could also try adding a word to it that describes what you do, like Or try and make it sound like your company is just a bit bigger than it actually is.

One more tip: URLs are cheap. Once you settle on something, buy up what you can that’s similar to it, so you can get as much traffic as possible going to you. At least get the .net as well as the .com, and link them all to your site. (Oddly, in my case, someone had already bought the .net version when I bought my original URL.)

Also, see what’s available for your own name and link it to your site as well. I own three URLs that all go to my website:, and (Unfortunately, there was a quasi-well known actress with whom I shared a first and last name, who sent the cost of owning into the stratosphere).

I agree with everything Carrie advises here, especially the tip to own your own name, if at all possible.
Any other good ideas out there on the topic?

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