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CFC: My 10 specifics behind the “awesome”

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Hi, I'm Deidre. In my posts, I talk about my voyage down the road of self-employment as a copywriting partner to designers, my achievements and roadblocks along the way, and what I’m learning as I go (with Marketing Mentor as my guide).

I keep telling everyone that CFC was “awesome” and “inspiring,” but I haven’t yet been able to verbalize exactly why. Sure, I reconnected with rockin’ freelancers and met some amazing new ones. Yes, I feel inspired and confident in my business – and full of ideas. But what about the details? Here’s what I learned, specifically.

1. Is it yours? Luke Mysse asked if our visions were actually our own visions. What are we trying to become? Why? Food for thought. In related news, the awesome Kirk Roberts sat on a panel and announced, “Growing doesn’t always mean getting bigger.” That really resonated with me.

2. Do a peanut butter tasting and share the results. We all do fun, interesting or wacky things at work. Sarah Durham demonstrated that it’s cool and beneficial publicize them

Peanut butter photo, courtesy, Shutterstock.

3. Work when you’re working – don’t when you’re not. Jim Krause shared this piece of brilliance – and it reconfirmed that my iPhone shouldn’t be used to check email 40 times a day when I’m not working. Also, if this mantra works for someone as successful as Jim, I’m sure as heck it can work for me. 

4. Itemize your discounts. Among other insights, Jessica Hische said that you can give a goodwill discount, do cool work for cheap, or agree to a client’s budget even if it’s lower than your going rate—but she suggested itemizing this in your estimate. Great idea – never occurred to me. 

5. Is my client a reliable, an improver, a helper? Speaking coach, Jezra Kaye, shared persona outlines. Our clients fit into these categories and so do we. Understanding how a client views things can help us better communicate. 

6. Client pain explains a lot. Did a client disappear and come back a year later? Client pain explains it. Get Erin Pheil’s tips for using awareness of client pain to improve your business's success. 

7. Be awesome. Colleen Wainwright reminded me that being quirky is something that makes me awesome. I shouldn’t be afraid to quirk-it-out in my business presence. Get Colleen’s be awesome homework.

8. Be brave and deduct what you’re entitled to. When it comes to taxes, we must know what we’re entitled to. June Walker’s book will help. Sadly, I found out I can’t deduct a massage, even if it helps me sit at my desk longer. 

9. Even though netwalking starts at 6am, it’s totally worth it. There’s nothing like meeting new people while wearing your sweatpants and saying half-asleep things. Seriously.

10. Book early. I stayed in the Hotel Palomar and it was perfect. I got a fantastic rate because I booked super early. Believe me, when there is a hosted wine reception and a zebra-printed robe waiting for you after a long day of sessions, you’ll pat yourself on the back. Book Boston 2014 – now! 

Want to take home your own specifics?

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