CFC 2013 Early Bird Deadline: Friday March 15

If you've been waiting til the last minute to sign up for (or decide whether to attend) CFC: The Business Conference for the Creatively Self-Employed, the time has come.

March 15 is the early bird deadline for both the 6th annual CFC and HOW Design Live – a 5-day extravaganza of inspiration and networking that will take place June 22-26 in San Francisco. Use my personal promo code (ILISE) for an extra $50 off (CFC only)!

For CFC, we have pulled together a stellar lineup of both thriving freelancers and experts who will generously share what they have learned so you can take your business to the next level. There are too many to list here but you won't want to miss Jessica Hische, Sarah Durham, Luke Mysse, Dyana Valentine and more.(See the whole lineup here. And listen to the CFC Speaker/Podcast Series here.

Here are the highlights of what’s “new and improved” for CFC this year:

  1. Three Days of CFC: CFC has grown into a 3-day affair and on Day 3, I’ve organized a way for you to let the 2 days’ worth of intense information sessions sink in. There will be another set of Morning Roundtables — you can even lead one on a topic of your choice. The Resource Center and Exhibit Hall will be open. You can attend 2 very hands-on post-conference workshops, Determine Your Positioning and Find Your Target Market with me and You Don't Know What You Know: Develop Your Content Strategy with Mark O’Brien of ($99 each). Or you can do peer-to-peer mentoring facilitated by Andrew Fingerman, CEO of (i.e. more networking with colleagues).
  2. Matchmaking with In-HOWse managers. Last year, the In-HOWse conference was running right next door to CFC and some of the managers snuck over and asked me if I could recommend any freelancers. Light bulb moment! So this year, our Happy Hour on Day 1 (June 22) will bring everyone into the same room to network and get to know each other. (Don't worry, we'll prep you for this networking experience.)
  3. Trade Show for Freelancers/InHOWse: Plus we'll have a trade-show-style set up where you can meet actual prospects in corporate marketing/creative departments who are looking for freelancers just like you to give their work to. Show your portfolio, shake their hands and get their cards! To sign up for a spot at a table where In-HOWse reps will come by to visit and view your work, send an email message to

That's not all, of course. You've probably received a brochure in the mail with more details and you can find it all here on the web site.

More and more people each year get The Big Ticket so they can attend the whole thing. You almost can't afford not to, if you're going to make the investment in the first place. So if that's your plan, figure out how many clients/projects you need to pay for it and go get it. (It could be just one!)

If you want to find a roommate or meet people in advance, connect with others via LinkedIn discussion.

Details and sign up here. Use my personal promo code (ILISE) for an extra $50 off (CFC only)!