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[Case Study] How to Get 4 Retainer Clients

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Do you have an idea for a niche but aren’t sure whether it’s viable?
That was the question Creative Director, Jim Gorman, asked me in 2011. He had been working at a big agency and freelancing on the side in the aviation world, his passion.
But now that he was on his own, he wasn’t sure if this market could support him full time. Was there enough work in that narrow niche?
Four years later, the answer is yes, and then some!With a virtual team of nine, four retainer clients and more work than he can handle, Jim is in the enviable position of turning away the clients that don’t get him to his goals. How did he do it?

In my case study on Jim, I elaborate on the 4 step strategy we implemented to build his business.
Download it here:

Step 1: Look for prestigious clients.
Step 2: Look for trusting clients.
Step 3: Look for opportunities.
Step 4: Look for retainers.

Notice his strategy is all about what he pursues.

The foundation of my CreativeLive course, Command the Fees You Deserve, is the idea that you must seek in order to find the work and the clients you want. They just don’t come knocking on your door! Watch the course here.

Says Jim: “If it weren’t for my niche, I’d be another aging creative director competing against 22-year-old kids that charge a quarter of what I do.”

Read Jim’s case study now.

If you want better projects with bigger budgets, retainer clients or to find your own niche, reply to this message or take advantage of my free 30-minute mentoring session and I’ll give you my best advice. Sign up here.

I’m here to help — we can’t do this alone!
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