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Candy bracelet, anyone?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Right now, I’m at the HOW Design Conference Resource Center where we have a Marketing Mentor booth set up. We are having a great time meeting creative solopreneurs — and giving away candy bracelets!

A trade show can be an excellent way to share your business with your audience, and on that note, here is a little excerpt from client, Alma Hoffman’s post, 12 keys to participating in a business expo.

  1. When you go to a trade, expo, or fair show, always take at least one person with you.This might seem obvious, but there were only two of us (my husband was there too), and sometimes having an extra person handing out some cards of flyers would have been helpful. That way people would not feel afraid to interrupt you if they wanted to talk to one of us. It also alleviates the stress of “don’t want to leave my stuff unattended.” 
  2. When walking around to look at other booths, take your business card with you. Almost everybody will have a drawing with some prize or contact forms with it. I had those too. But I found it to be easier to just drop off my business card in the bowl or basket than filling out a form. Likewise no one used my contact form. Everybody would just hand their business card to us or put it in our bowl (yes we also had a prize).  
  3. Have food on your display. Have food, have food, have food. We chose to bake cookies (well, it was really my husband and our kids). We had a basket we would fill every so often with chocolate chip and sugar cookies. People loved them and some kept coming back for them…
  4. Do design a banner or invest in display boards. When I decided to participate in this annual expo or trade show they told me that we could rent pipe and drapes to make a “wall.” I decided to do that because I thought that having a “wall” would allow us to have some kind of unit or boards to mark our space. I did research and booth displays though very nice were out of my price range. So, I looked around and decided to design a banner similar to the background on my twitter page. This turned to be not only affordable but versatile since I can also use it outdoors. Having a “wall” allows you to mark your space and keeps people’s attention on your booth when talking to you. Lots of people when stopping by would look at the banner first, read it, and then ask us about our business…

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