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Can you deduct your pro bono work from your taxes?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Julie Rustad of 24-7 Creative Solutions writes, "I volunteer a lot of my time as President of Ad2 Tucson and also design for small non-profits. How can I not only help my community, but use this to promote my business more effectively? What about for tax purposes?"

So I reached out to June Walker, author of Self Employed Tax Solutions who is also leading an info-packed session called, "Money Saving Tax Solutions For Freelancers," later this month at the Creative Freelancer Conference (BTW: we've extended the early bird discount permanently so sign up here.)

She gave me a link to a page on her blog where she answered several questions on this topic. Read that here.

What other tax-related questions do you have for June? Post them here and we'll bring them to her at the Conference.

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