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Can a slider get their budget?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

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Allison Manley, from Chicago design firm, Rogue Element Inc., sent me an interesting email about how she is using her website to weed out prospects who aren’t serious, and how she’s getting budgets up-front. She has kindly allowed me to share her email with you. Check it out:

On our "hire us" page, we implemented a sliding scale for what the client thinks their budget is:

The reason we did this was because for a few years, we were getting phone calls/requests to do work, and I can't tell you how many hours we wasted with people talking about how they wanted the bells-and-whistles Lexus website or print project, only to tell us they had the budget for a very used Kia or junk car! So we wanted to create a barrier of entry, of sorts.

With the first incarnation of our website, we had a downloadable PDF of 20 Questions we always ask a new client. It allowed potential new clients to see that we were serious, and that they really had to have a handle on their marketing/business plans before they even contacted us. We were amazed at not only how the number of bad phone calls went down, but also would be pleasantly surprised when someone would actually fill out the form and send it to us! It made the first meeting easier.

Now with the second incarnation of our site, we've made the 20 Questions form as an online form you can fill out (though we narrowed down to the 8 biggest questions for brevity), and also added the budget slider at the bottom.

You'll see the slider goes from 0 to $100k+. Our jobs tend to average around the middle of the scale, but we want more of the bigger jobs, so we expanded the scale upwards. And we thought about starting at $10k to stay away from smaller jobs, but we've done some successful projects for under $10k so we decided to leave it at 0.

Honestly, we're not expecting that a lot of potential clients will actually fill out this form. It's more to elevate us in a client's mind as a quality shop. But if anyone comes along, fills it out and pulls that slider way to the right, I won't complain!

What do you think of the budget slider? Have you found a creative way to get the client’s budget?

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