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Can’t Find Email Addresses for Your Ideal Clients?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you want to get bigger clients with better budgets (or better clients with bigger budgets, for that matter), the best way is to reach out to them.

And email is one of the ways I recommend doing so in my new marketing plan for 2017, The Marketing Blueprint: How to Connect the Dots of Your Marketing.mm_015_fourweekmarketingplan_cover_small

But you know what question I hear from most people trying to do this type of outreach, sometimes known as “warm email prospecting”?

“How do I find the email address of my ideal clients?”

And I should have written an article to answer that question, but Jake Jorgovan of Outbound Creative, beat me to it!

So here is an excerpt from How to Find Almost Anyone’s Email Address, an article in which he outlines the 5 tactics he uses — so he knows they work.

When you are doing outbound marketing, emails are essential.

Regardless of if you are running a cold email campaign, or following up on a direct mail piece, email addresses are essential to outreach.

In the course of my outbound marketing efforts, I have researched thousands of email addresses and tried out various tools for finding them.

Below I have identified my process and the tools that I use to find email addresses.

Method 1 – Search the obvious

There are two places where you can commonly find email addresses that many people fail to look.

The individual’s LinkedIn page – On LinkedIn, you will need to click ‘View Contact Info’. If you do this you will see a listing of social media accounts, websites and sometimes an email address. All of this information is optional, so not everyone includes it but sometimes it’s a very easy win.

If they don’t have an email listed, be sure to click through their other links. Sometimes individuals will have emails listed on personal websites or even on their Twitter page.

The Company Bio Page – Another obvious, yet often overlooked place to search. Most companies don’t list all of their employees contact information on their site, but every once in awhile you get lucky.

Read the rest — and learn the 4 other methods here.

And come hear Jake talk about how to use the email addresses to get the attention of your ideal clients at the Get Better Clients Bootcamp, May 2 2017 in Chicago (part of HOW Design Live).
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