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Calling all Creative Freelancers!

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Remember back in December when we surveyed all you creative freelancers about what you need?

Well, we have put your 400+ answers to excellent use. HOW and Marketing Mentor are launching the first-ever event for freelance designers, photographers, writers, illustrators and other creative solopreneurs. It’s August 27–29 in Chicago. And I’d love for you to be there.

Our main goal was to create an event that would be affordable for you. So sign up by July 15 to get the early-bird discount of $60 off.

Plus, this event will connect you with experts (many with a freelance background) who can help you tackle your biggest challenges (marketing plans and time-management, anyone?). It’ll stock your Rolodex with contacts for other creatives (like maybe the writer you’ve been desperate to find). It’ll give you a tax-deductible excuse to get away from your desk for a couple of days. 

We think this type of event has been missing for a long, long time and we are excited to be partnering with HOW, who has tons of experience putting on kick-ass conferences, to make it happen.

To learn more, I encourage you to visit, where you’ll find a lineup of speakers and sessions, a growing list of articles and resources, and a blog about freelancing and the conference. (And check out the video where you can see our very own Communicatrix waxing poetic about her challenges as a freelancer!)

We’re pretty excited about this and we hope to see you in Chicago in August!

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