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Call for outside passions

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Sheree Clark of Sayles Graphic Design is doing a presentation at the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta in June. 

It’s called “Inspired by our Passions: The Pursuit of an Enriched Life” and the focus is designers’ outside passions and how they help keep creative people fresh and vital (or at least somewhat sane). 

If you have a passion (or outside interest) that fits the bill and you want a little exposure to 3,000+ other designers, send to her (sheree -at- saylesdesign -dot- com) by March 15:

  • A photo or portrait
  • A representative shot of your work or your studio/staff
  • A photo (or several photos!) of something to represent your passionate pursuit
  • Some written background stuff about how it started, etc….Just some basics
  • Other visuals – Whatever would help share your story in a visually interesting way…
  • Also, a tip or two for others: what advice would you give someone with a unique passion? For example: How can someone discover a passionate pursuit?  Where do you find the time?

Also, she’s looking for designers with a penchant for something out of the ordinary, outside of their business, such as black belts, talented musicians, horse trainers, collectors or those who are really involved in something that others gain encouragement from.

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