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Business beach reads

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’re enjoying the sun this summer, beachside or poolside, why not add a few idea-sparking business reads? All week, we’re going to share some new books that will inform and inspire you. Here we go:

Does your website have Cobbler’s Children Syndrome?

For months people right and left had been referencing Newfangled when talking to me about web sites. “Newfangled says this” and “Newfangled says that.” Truthfully, I had no idea what “Newfangled” was and was not inspired to look. I should have looked right away.

Luckily, Newfangled found me before I could go look. Last month at the HOW Design Conference, I ran into Mark O’Brien, President of Newfangled, in the hallway at the Hyatt Regency and he immediately walked me into the MyDesignShop on-site bookstore and presented me with a copy of his newly released his book, A Website that Works: How Marketing Agencies Can Create Business Generating Websites, from David Baker’s Rockbench Publishing. This book was literally hot off the presses – it had just arrived from the printer and had not been on sale before that day!

I got to chat with Mark later that day about web sites and I suddenly realized why people were so often referencing Newfangled: we share similar views about what makes a lead-generating site. One difference, however, is that Mark has written it all down in a book, complete with a 9-step process that makes so much sense, I wish I’d thought of it.

In this interivew, he and Chris Butler discuss the book. They talk about the three main issues Mark sees marketing agencies struggle with—with their own websites, including: The Cobbler’s Children Syndrome, Misguided Creativity, Content Matters.

He also shares why he left “inspiration” out of his 9-step process in the book:

I left “inspire” out of the 9-step planning process that I cover in the book because I don’t think agencies need much help with that. I created this process as a vehicle for agencies to get over the stumbling blocks they encounter when trying to create a site for their firm. Judging from the many agency sites I've seen over the years, they have no trouble with the inspire part of the equation. Conversely, I know they really struggle with the inform side of things, so I devoted quite a large portion of the book to helping agencies figure out how to make their sites very effective at attracting and engaging prospects through a thought-leadership based content strategy. It of course wasn’t my intention to undermine the inspirational role of the agency website, I just don’t think agencies need to read a book on how to do it.

Read the rest of the interview.

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Ready to create your website this summer? Check out Website in a Week, and you’ll have a marketing-smart website come August!


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