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Bright business advice from Thomas Edison

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Marketing Mentor friend Alan Allard, President of Genius Dynamics, Inc., sent us a great story with an evergreen lesson about action—specifically, what keeps us from taking it:

When it comes to taking action, many people just don’t…because they are guided by less than useful assumptions.  "Why go to the networking event, the last three were not productive." "Writing an article won’t get me significant business."  "I don’t think the client I’ll be meeting with next will give me any referrals, so why risk asking?"

And the list goes on.

All are assumptions, and here is where "The Salt Test" comes in:  Thomas Edison is reported to have tested anyone he was thinking about hiring.  He would invite them to have a bowl of soup with them.  Anyone adding salt without first tasting the soup failed his test.  He didn’t want anyone making decisions based upon unfounded assumptions.

The lesson for us?  The only way we can know what will happen by taking an action step is to take action and pay attention to the results.  Making unfounded assumptions without testing — and then not taking action is the riskiest of all behaviors.

I call it "Premature Closure."  Making a decision without adequate information.

Excellent advice, Alan, and a great way to serve it up—with or without salt.

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