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Bob Bly on Marketing with Little (or No) Budget

Posted by Ilise Benun on

You may not know that the marketing and copywriting guru, Bob Bly, and I have been working together, in one way or another, for more than 20 years. We share a lot of the same ideas but also disagree on various points, making for thought-provoking banter and new ways of thinking when we come together.

One of the things that Bob and I agree on – is that he is full of intelligent insights. Here’s some proof:

  • Bob’s interview with Jim Blasingame of Small Business Advocate, called: Marketing Your Business with Little or No Budget. Learn about Google Adwords, how to capitalize on local search, how to get higher quality leads, SEO, why everyone really needs a website, and how to market with content (no matter what your product or service).

More proof of Bob’s good instincts?

  • Bob has given his first-ever “yes” to private coaching, and has agreed to do a Marketing Plan Group with me and 10 small business owners starting April 14th. There are only 10 slots in this 6-month process of private group coaching so if you're interested, find details here or fill out this form to receive an application.

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