Blog, Newsletter or Both?

Food, wellness and creativity journalist and copywriter, Bryn Mooth has a robust blog (which is also her web site), but as she approaches her one-year freelance anniversary, she’s wondering whether or not to start a newsletter, too. Here’s why.

“I hadn’t started a newsletter because I have a pretty robust website with a blog where I write something 3-4 days a week.  That was my focus in terms of developing content. But I’m coming to discover that the blog, which is where I share recipes and inspiration, is actually for my mom (and people like her) but not really for my clients and prospects. In fact, I’m finding that my contacts in graphic design and advertising don’t even know that I can do work for them.”

So Bryn has realized that the blog is for a different audience – people find it because they’re searching for recipes. “I don’t think it reaches out to prospects for my copywriting business.” She needs a way to demonstrate her thinking … whereas the blog demonstrates her writing.

What should she do? How can she also demonstrate her thinking—in a way that will appeal to her clients? Are you speaking to two different audiences too? 

In our 16-minute interview we discussed various options, plus many other things about how her business is growing. Listen to it here.