Biznik best practices

I have a lot to learn about social networking, especially the online kind.

But when I was in Seattle last week, I learned a little bit more at the Networking the Biznik Way workshop, led by Dan McComb and Lara Eve Feltin, founders of Biznik.

I had no idea what’s possible and how much Biznik offers, mostly because I haven’t taken the time to explore very deep. (Makes me wonder how much of everything else I’m not taking advantage of due to simple ignorance).

After the event, I went directly back to my hotel and made the following changes to my profile:

1. I changed "my job." Dan said that one of the most important fields to the search-engines is the "my job" field in the basic profile, which is the text/phrase that appears right under each member’s name. So I changed mine to what I consider to be my most strategically keyword-friendly phrase: Self Promotion Expert.

2. I added the link to the RSS feed to my blog so that each posting from my blog also appears on my profile page. (I don’t think you can do that with LinkedIn, although you can on, if you have books for sale up there. Check out mine here.)

3. I added my "current promotion" — the free half hour phone consultation I offer to anyone who has burning marketing questions and/or wants a taste of what we offer through Marketing Mentor. This also gets posted on their "promotions" section.

These 3 features are just the beginning. This site is quite amazing, but not enough people are aware of it yet.

And if you haven’t created your own free profile on the site, drop everything and do it right now.