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Best of 2008 round up: Tools to make your life easier

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

On my regular blog, I like to pause during the holiday slow-down to review my year in posts, which I then aggregate into a 2-part, 100-item list of what I learned this year. Not only does it help me pull out the most interesting and/or useful things of the past 12 months for my readers, it also gives me a snapshot of what I was working on that year. Win-win!

In the spirit of that, I thought I’d do an abbreviated, marketing/business-type version here on the Marketing Mix.

Great tools for organization/time management:

  • The List Series (Part 1, Ilise’s lists and a free list-making tool; Part 2, list taxonomy; Part 3, stimulating creativity with lists)
  • Jott (free notetaking from your cellphone)
  • TextExpander (time-saving auto-typing software)
  • Photostamps (your mug on a stamp!)

and of course, to keep you on track with your marketing plan for 2008:

"Cheat sheets" (or startup guidelines):

Using social media effectively:

Which, if any, of these did you find especially helpful?

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