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Best New Year’s Gift to Give Your Clients [QTMM 12/20/16]

Posted by Ilise Benun on

email-header-quick-tips-2Here’s a gift you can give each of your clients and it will cost you nothing at all — just a bit of thought, which is actually very valuable.

Give them a testimonial.

Testimonials —  a.k.a. “recommendations” when you post one on someone’s LinkedIn profile — have a lot of value these days, since word of mouth is king!  

Plus you are much more likely to receive a testimonial once you’ve given one.

I’m speaking from experience. A writer I recently engaged for a client project delivered the final documents along with a testimonial each for me and for my client. Here’s how she asked for it: 

“PS – As you know, testimonials from happy clients are important to any business. I would really appreciate a couple of sentences about your experience working with me. I have included a testimonial that you are free to use.”

I felt so guilty that I couldn’t not reciprocate!

Here’s her secret: ask for a testimonial on delivery of your services, when your clients are still basking in the glow of a job well done. And make it really easy.

You can also “listen for” testimonials when they’re gushing over what a good job you’ve done. Just ask if you can use what they’ve said. That way, all they have to do is say “yes.”

And when you give a recommendation on LinkedIn — which is one of the 3 marketing top tools I recommend focusing on in my new marketing plan for 2017, “The Marketing Blueprint” — LinkedIn does the asking for you, when your client accepts the one you write. (See below for more on writing killer LinkedIn recommendations.) 

And I can’t resist providing a few new resources to start off 2017: 

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