Being prepared: Which 3 outcomes do you prefer?

In this lively interview, Dana Manciagli shares some of her preparation techniques (learned in her 30 years at Microsoft and other corporations) for living up to the expectations of the corporate world.

In addition to techniques, Dana also clearly shows why being prepared is worth it. When I asked Dana the following questions, the choice about whether to prepare or not became abundantly clear. 

Illustration by Ian Keith.

Q: What are the effects of not being as prepared as possible?
1. Stress
2. Lower quality of work
3. Lower likelihood of being re-hired

Q: What are the effects of being prepared?
1. I have time to be creative and tailor my work to the specific client
2. Not only lower stress, but a higher level of excitement vs. fear
3. I hear “wow, you are so organized” or “we really like working with you.”

Listen to the interview here, and read more on the Creative Freelancer Blog, where Dana answers this question: What should creatives who want to work within the corporate world know about how to prepare?

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