“Be the “go-to” resource” via Photographer, Greg Ceo @gregceophoto

Greg Ceo portfolio-download-pag-image1One of the blogs I read as often as I can is Strictly Business, published by ASMP. It’s for photographers but the material is almost always applicable to other creative professionals, and that includes this interview with Greg Ceo, award-winning photographer and Professor of Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

My favorite quote (for obvious reasons…)

I’m telling students to become an expert in something and to make themselves known as that expert – as the go-to person for that thing. In my case, it’s hotel and resort photography but if they’re really into, say, surfing, I’ll say ‘become the expert in surfing photography – or surfing imagery – and brand yourself and your life on social media as the surfing photographer.’

Read more to find out which social media platform he uses to reach the audience he’s chosen to focus on….and if you can’t decide on your own focus, check out the Pick a Niche Kit.