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August is for marketing

Posted by Ilise Benun on

As soon as it hit August last Friday, things quieted down. Vacation is in the air (maybe it’s just the quiet I notice).

This is my favorite time of year for marketing. This is me-marketing time. I get to do all those things I never have time for.

You want to know what I’m doing?

Here’s what’s on my big To Do list:

  • Writing articles for MarketingProfs, Rain Today and a few other places my prospects visit when they’re looking for marketing help.
    (Where can you submit articles that will be seen by your prospects?)
  • Developing new ideas for topics I can speak on, which I’m doing in collaboration with a couple other experts, which makes it much more interesting and enjoyable.
    (Who can you collaborate with and where can you give a workshop or presentation?)
  • Planning my post-Labor Day marketing push: identifying my best prospects, thinking about how to approach them, what to offer
    (How will you take advantage of the shot-in-the-arm productivity that follows a lazy summer?)

What are you going to commit to for the remainder of August?

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