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Ask the Experts: Weeding out the tire-kickers, Part 2

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you don’t even want to have a conversation with prospects who can’t afford you, then use your web site to be the first filter.

Here’s how: post a form prospects mist fill out if they want a proposal or quotation from you. If they’re willing to invest the time in that, they may be serious. And if you ask about money on the form, they may be more likely to give it to you.

Here are a couple of examples:

My client, direct response copywriter, Bob Bly, has a form on his site that links from burst at the top of the homepage. That way, no one can miss it. The burst says: "Need great copy? Click here now:".

Another client, video producer, Don Forschmidt, links from his contact page.

And I don’t know this firm but they have a very comprehensive (maybe a bit much) survey for prospects to fill out.

Anyone else doing something similar? And how is it working?

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