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Are you pragmatic?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Cameron Foote, Editor of the Creative Business Newsletter, says, “If there is anything that marks the owner of a successful business – whether it’s a delicatessen or a design firm – it’s being pragmatic. That is, having the ability to put aside personal inclinations and biases in favor of doing whatever works best for the business…”

And what is working today? In his article, The Coming of Age for Electronic Marketing, Cameron says:

Email and other means of electronic marketing have been around since the invention of the Internet more than 20 years ago. Although used successfully by many creative firms since, it has only recently lived up to its full potential.

To understand what’s different now, it helps to first review a fundamental: service firm marketing is most effective when it happens on two, complementary levels, short- and long-term.

This article covers:

• The Long-Term Marketing Dilemma
• The advantages of electronic media
• Keeping in touch
• What’s suitable
• Email marketing
• Websites
• Business Networking
• Two New Media Opportunities
• Blogging and Podcasting
• Bottom Line

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