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Are you networking willy-nilly?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Do you realize that, when it comes to getting work and getting help, the network you develop for yourself is your most important asset?

This is an essential insight for anyone who is self employed. When you have a robust network, you are not alone!

But it's up to you to develop that network and no matter how hooked in you are to your online networks, you can't really do it sitting in your apartment.

This means you should be networking with purpose — not willy-nilly. (You know, "Look, there's a networking event! I'm going!")

And you need to be networking in person, both with prospects (work-givers), as well as colleagues, vendors, resources and mentors (help-givers).

To make sure you’re cultivating a network that serves your specific needs and not wasting your time, ask yourself one simple question before you pick an event to attend:

Who do I need to meet?

If you need a new accountant, freelance help, or a new client, this information will direct your efforts.

Speaking of freelance help … If you’re really booked and need help, where can you go to find people to help you? Hint – watch for upcoming Freelancers Union events this Fall in New York and Portland, Oregon.

*Networking Roundtable from CFC 2013

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