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Are you making money by using freelancers and temps?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In the latest edition of the Creative Business Newsletter, Cameron Foote talks about Profiting from Freelance & Temp Creatives. Here is an excerpt:

Workload and the means to handle it can occasionally get way out of balance, necessitating extra help. But assigning work to outsiders raises possible problems, not the least of which are ensuring quality and profitability.

It could be because you’ve downsized, and business is beginning to pick up again. Or maybe you’re overloaded but unsure how long it will last. Or maybe you want to avoid, or at least delay, going the employee route altogether.

Whatever the reason, work flow is under water, and you’re not ready to hire permanent staff. So you need to hire an outsider to help get things done. But you also can’t afford to lose money or control of quality…

This article covers:

•    Being prepared
•    Where they’ll work
•    Taxing Issues
•    Making Money
•    Controlling Quality
•    Protecting Vital Interests

Also in this edition, The Coming of Age for Electronic Marketing amd What Do You Own? And When Does It Matter? In addition, you will get advice on special rates, retainer overtime, employee pay, valid sign off, forced collaboration, downturn causes, spec response and photo use.

Find out more about the Creative Business Newsletter or sign up here:

P.S. In addition to way cool networking, know-how, and inspiration – all Creative Freelancer Conference attendees get a free 6-month trial subscription to Creative Business – which includes the incredible newsletter devoted to creatives as well as unlimited phone and email support.

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