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Are you getting clients on LinkedIn? Thursday at 2 PM ET

Posted by Ilise Benun on

On Thursday, March 15th at 2 PM ET, I'll be sharing success stories of how creative professionals are finding real clients on LinkedIn in my webcast "Are You Getting Clients on LinkedIn? Here's how…" (You don't have to listen live!).

Here's one example.  

Bryn Mooth, an "independent journalist and copywriter focused on food, wellness and creativity," just got a project from a contact she made through one of the food marketing LI groups. How did she make the connection? 

“There’s a bit of an art to this," says Bryn. "It helps to be genuinely enthusiastic about connecting and to do a bit of homework. I followed the link to the agency web site and snooped around to discover the type of work they do. 

"Then, via LinkedIn, I sent a message saying, ‘I see you're part of this agency. I love what you’re doing and see we have work in common. I’d love to speak with you to learn more about what you’re doing.” 

This is a pleasant and non-threatening way to approach a prospect, rather than something more blatant like, “I’m looking for work from you.” 

And it works! For more nitty gritty and actual experiences, sign up for the webcast: "Are You Getting Clients on LinkedIn? Here's how…

And listen to my entire podcast interview with Bryn, where she describes in more detail how she uses LinkedIn.  

If you want expert guidance on how to integrate LinkedIn into your marketing, join my "Basic Marketing Group" — next one starts next week. 

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