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Are you feeling it?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Last week, when I gave a talk for the Freelancers Union called "Marketing in an Economic Downturn," I started the session by having each of the 30 people in the room stand up and tell not only what they do but also how they are experiencing this "economic downturn."

You know what? Most people admitted they weren’t actually feeling it yet. Moreover, those who were feeling it acknowledged that it was probably because they hadn’t really ever done any marketing. And, they agreed that what they’re "feeling" might be mostly the media "infecting their brains" with panic.

My advice, of course, in all circumstances is, "Don’t panic." Do something instead. And what I advised everyone one to do is get out there. Networking is the number one recession marketing tool. Why? Because when people need help, they go out looking for it. So you are most likely to meet people with "needs" if you go out looking for them .

So double up your networking efforts. If you usually attend one meeting a month, attend 2 in October. If you usually do 1 event per week, find 2 this week. It can only help. And it’s better than staying home.

Anyone else not feeling it but worried anyway?

P.S. I did a radio interview with Barbara Weltman recently on this topic during which I outlined the 5-Step Marketing Machine. She’s posted a summary of it here.

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