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Are my packages worth it?

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Hi, I’m Deidre. In my posts, I talk about my voyage down the road of self-employment as a web copywriter, my achievements and roadblocks along the way, and what I’m learning as I go (with Marketing Mentor as my guide).

I have packages on my website. Sometimes people find my packages, call me, and say, “Sign me up for this one!” Having the packages all in one place makes it easier to promote them. I reference them on phone calls with new clients. And since I put them up, I’ve hardly gotten calls from people without budgets.

But does this mean they’re working? Not necessarily.

I’ve constantly questioned whether my packages are worth it.

Seems that until you put them into action, you don’t actually know. The packages need to make sense for me from a profitability perspective—and ultimately, they MUST be worth it to my clients. Here’s my take:

My web copy packages are worth it. For their money, my clients get full web copy (and more depending on the package) plus someone who dives into their business and crafts the message authentically and for their ideal clients. They walk away with engaging, authentic web copy without having written a word. (Rates $1100-$2850)

I also have two blog/newsletter packages. Inventing them was a great idea; they defined how clients can work with me on an ongoing basis and I have acquired some new, steady clients because of them. But are they worth it?

In my “You write nothing” package, I charge $300 per post. That’s where I write the post based on a conversation (in their voice, for their audience). To me, this is WORTH IT because my clients didn’t have to agonize at all.

But I’m starting to see that my “You write a little” package is only worth it under certain circumstances. I created this package with the intention of giving clients a lower-priced option if they wanted to put some of the writing-effort in themselves. It also would ensure they’d have a fully formed idea before we started.

For this “You write a little” option, I charge $200 per post. I suggest clients set their timers for 15 minutes, type out some quick ideas, and send me whatever they’ve got. Initially, I intended this package to not include a phone call (so it would take less time on my end, justifying the lower price), but in doing it, I realized that a phone call is necessary. Hearing their ideas is a huge part of what I do—even if they’ve already got something down on paper. So, we have a quick chat about what they’ve sent, and I flesh out the ideas in their brand voice.

When clients only spend 15 minutes and send me a super-rough outline, this works pretty well. They’ve invested a short amount of time and they get a blog post or newsletter. For me, developing their ideas based on our chat is what I do best.

But somehow, the better their writing is—the harder it is for me. Now more than ever, I know it’s because synthesizing existing written words IS NOT what I do best. (Major respect to all the talented editors out there—because I’m certainly not one of them.) When my clients provide a draft that’s well-developed, I spend just as much time (if not more!), but I provide a lot less value. I agonize over the words far more than if I had written them myself. This package made something quite clear: My strength is hearing people and helping them get their message across authentically.

Undoubtedly, the better my clients write (and/or the longer they spend writing), the less beneficial it is for both of us. I spend way too much time; they spend way too much time. (Maybe a savvy editor would be the perfect answer here?)

This is something that didn’t occur to me until I started offering this package.

Through offering these packages, I actually learned a lot more about my business and my clients’ needs. If I’d never offered the packages, I would have never known all of this!

Why not put together your own packages? I know there will be lots of benefits, and lots of learning (which is a benefit in itself). If you need guidance on creating packages, get the Package Pricing Bundle (which Ilise forgot to put it back to its regular price). So, until she remembers—get it on secret sale here.

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