Announcing to your market, “I have arrived!”

They might come to your website … They might find you through word of mouth … But what better way to announce to your target market, “I am here, and you are my specialty” than sending to your top 10-25 prospects – through the old fashioned snail mail — a promotional piece that speaks directly to them? 

Though she chose her target market (travel destinations) in 2007, most of Lynda Stewart's growth was through word of mouth. This year, Lynda started to proactively pursue this market. Now that she has, she admits, “I finally see! I’m so glad I targeted a market because there’s plenty of opportunity here.” 

After joining a local trade group and getting access to the member directory (i.e. a list of her prospects!), she wanted to introduce herself by mailing something to showcase her work. But she decided it would have a twist: instead of a standard brochure, it would be a visitors bureau-style travel guide tailored directly to her audience.

It’s fun, attention-getting and unique–and it does the intended job of showing her specialty while speaking to the audience in their language. Check it out


P.S. Since choosing her market, Lynda has already acquired two new clients!