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And the content marketing continues…  

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Web designer and developer, Jill Anderson, recently blogged about Freelancing and maternity leave. But maternity leave hasn’t stopped her content marketing machine (which helped her achieve a 17% increase in 1 year—Download the case study for details).

Jill is using her time away to keep the ball rolling with a series, Applying the 7 Principles of Design to WordPress. Jill says:

Engaging websites aren’t just accidents—they happen on purpose, and are almost always grounded in the basics. I hope you find these examples both informative and inspiring.

If you’re a creative business owner, consider these elements when working with a web designer.

If you’re a designer like me—I think it’s always good to see great examples. As we grow in our careers, going back to the basics can gives us a new perspective. I think the more capable we become, the better we can relay and transform these basics into something that’s entirely new and unexpected.

Check out her latest posts in the series:

Stay tuned…

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