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Anatomy of a [eco-friendly, budget-wise] Self-Promotion Piece

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Has 2009 been somewhat of a bummer, business-wise? Are you watching your pennies more carefully this year? Yeah – me, too! Which is why I’ve decided to forego the annual giving of the client gifts, in lieu of a simple, budget-minded postcard. 

My message is two-fold: to wish my clients and prospects a happy new year, while simultaneously announcing my new office, which is located in the rural, historic village of Aurora, NY – home to 850 residents and a college of 600 students. We’re right on one of the Finger Lakes, and in this promo piece, I wanted to convey the feeling of the place while capturing some of the visual essence of what it’s like to be here in winter, with the sun on the lake (‘Aurora’ means ‘dawn’) and formations of snow geese passing overhead.

It takes the form of an oversize (6 x 9) double-sided, full-color postcard, digitally printed on the most environmental paper possible, then sealed in a clear sleeve (which prevents the card from getting dinged up in the mail, and – I think – increases its “openability” factor).
Here’s how it works out, cost-wise:

$125 for 250 6 x9 digitally-printed postcards, using non toxic toner, from Greg Barber Company

The paper stock is 100% post-consumer waste and certified 100% processed chlorine free. If you are interested in eco-friendly printing and packaging, note that this stock, Cascades Enviro, is also Forest Stewardship Council certified AND made with biogas energy.
(On an intriguing side note: this printer carries several unusual tree-free paper lines, including one made from rocks and minerals; seed paper – ‘print it and then plant it’ – and best of all, ‘Elephant Poo Poo’ paper –

After much online sleuthing, I located a clear envelope, with an adhesive strip on the flap that is made from plants and is compostable, unlike traditional cello sleeves which are poly, and take a much longer time to biodegrade.
$13 per 100 > $32.50 for 250
250 x .44 = $110
Total: $267.50

Here is the postcard. Click on the image to see the full PDF file.


What are you doing to wrap up the year? Are you putting together a promotion piece or sending holiday client gifts? If so (or if not, why?), we’d love to see and hear all about it.

– Julia is the Principal of Julia Reich Design, a small creative brand strategy and graphic design firm

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