An ode to great notes

I wasn't familiar with Julia Reich's lovely holiday notecards until last year, when I received some as a gift from Ilise.

The simple, elegant designs, rendered in letterpress, which makes them feel extra-special, remind me very much of famed Washington State artist Nikki McClure's gorgeous woodcuts (I've been using her calendars for years).

Apparently, Ilise and I aren't the only big fans of Julia's work; her notecards were selected from among over 2,200 entries in STEP magazine's Reader's Choice awards competition. You can see the other entries (there are several categories, with lots of inspiring visual design) by going here, then creating an account, then browsing the entries until you see Julia's designs.

I'll warn you up front—the navigation is VERY clunky. But if you like to look at pretty, interesting things, you won't be disappointed. Plus you can do your part to bring Julia a little well-deserved publicity.

(And if you do like those Nikki McClure calendars, there's a two-fer special on them this week only through the BuyOlympia website!)