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An ebook about the value of tribes, by a triiibe who knows

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Three months ago, marketing guru Seth Godin posted one item on his blog about a private, online group he was setting up on Ning.

The idea was to create a real-life experiment/lab to play with his ideas about community, or tribe, in the weeks leading up to the launch of his latest book, Tribes.

I was one of the people who made it into the triiibe, and was fairly active in the first month, meeting a number of interesting people it probably would have taken me a lot longer to meet in real life (most of us were only a degree or two or three apart–it’s a small, small Internet world.)

My favorite of these new acquaintances, Mark Hayward, is an entrepreneur who chucked "regular" life to go open an island resort with his wife. He was in the throes of putting together a nifty nonprofit with Leo Babuta of Zen Habits and author-adventurer Dan Clements when triiibes came about, and was able to solicit a lot of help from the triiibe around his design, his marketing plan, his promotion–all kinds of many-minds stuff.

(Coincidentally–or maybe not–Mark just wrote an interesting post on the value of expanding your network during difficult times. He lists a number of people he’s met via the Internet, myself included, whom he’s started following to help him get over the social media learning curve. I found it extremely interesting that the links he shared were all from Twitter–another knife in the heart of the myth that it’s nothing but a time suck.)

One of the projects Seth fostered in triiibes was an ebook about…tribes! It contains dozens of case studies, one by yours truly on the famed Group Theatre (see p. 220), and it’s free!

Download the free Tribes Case Studies PDF ebook here.

Pretty interesting range of tribes in the book. Between that experiment and my month’s working sabbatical in Seattle, meeting local members of Biznik, I’m getting full immersion in community.

What tribes are you a part of? How are they helping you day-to-day? And how are they helping you in these weird economic times?

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