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Am I beginner or advanced?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

The Marketing Mentor eCalendar for Creative Professionals just went on sale – and we’ve received a few questions like this:

What is different about the Beginner and Advanced versions? I’m not sure which one is right for me.

Here is some insight:

• Both calendars cover the basics: direct outreach, social networking, in-person networking, email newsletters, website updates and more.
• The Advanced version is more ambitious. It assumes you have the basics in place, and gives you even more to do, including: thought leadership tools, case studies, direct mail and more.

With both calendars, your iCal or Google Calendar will be full with tasks. The goal is to keep you on track, not overwhelm you. The best part is that you can schedule and rearrange (or delete) the tasks according to your goals and preferences.
If you are wavering between the two, we suggest going for the Advanced version. It includes all the Beginner tools plus more. You can customize the calendar to include only the tools you want.

Sign up for the FREE webcast on November 1st to find out what should you be doing daily, weekly and monthly to keep your marketing on track for 2011. Beginner and Advanced versions will be covered – and there will be time for Q+A. (If you buy the calendar today, you will be automatically signed up!) Open to all! Sign up here.

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