All signs point towards poor marketing?


This was the headline on a sign I saw for a dog walking service when
I took Charlie to the dog park this morning to play with his buddies.

My first thought was, "These people can’t spell; how could I let them
walk my dog?"

Now, logically, there is no connection between spelling and dog
walking. I’m sure there are plenty of excellent dog walkers who can’t
spell. So why did I jump to that conclusion?

Because I am very quick to judge and the sign is all I had to go on to
make my judgment. And I believe this happens a lot on the World Wide
Web. When what you see on a web page about a company isn’t perfect,
it’s ever so easy to make a harsh
judgment. (Do you do this too?)

I think we need to be a little more forgiving on the one hand, and a
little more attentive on the other. Spell check doesn’t catch
everything (although "pampared" is not a word, as far as I know). But
when I think about how quickly I’m typing and how tempting it is to
multitask, I do hope others will be more forgiving of me than I
often am of others.

I know I’m not alone. At least once a week, I hear someone say they
won’t work with
a resource because there was a typo on their web
site. Have you ever done that?