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Aiming to start a successful photography business?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Photographer Martha Retallick has just released the Freelancer's Guide to Starting a Successful Photography Business. It showcases more than 50 resources that will help freelancers learn professional business practices in photography, find photography buyers, and improve their photographic skills. Here’s an excerpt:

Of Pizzas and Photographers

There’s a joke that’s been making the rounds for years: What’s the differencebetween a large pizza and a photographer? The punch line is that the large pizzacan feed a family of four. Not the sort of adventure you’d like to subject yourspouse and two kids to, is it?

 And, if you’re getting the impression that making the transition from being anamateur/hobbyist to being a full time professional photographer isn’t easy, you’reright. This transition is made all the more difficult by:

1. Photography’s supply problem. There is both an abundance of images andpeople creating them. And they’re generating more supply all the time. Recallyour economics class that taught that high supply tends to drive down prices.(Think microstock photography here.)

2. The “love” problem. There’s quite an abundance of people who love takingpictures. In fact, they love photography so much that they’d gladly do it forfree. Which presents quite a challenge to those who wish to get paid for their work…

Fortunately, this eBook can help. The Freelancer's Guide to Starting a Successful Photography Business will introduce you to books, both printed and electronic, websites,blogs, online forums, and organizations to help you grow as a photographer and a business person. You will learn about:

  1. Photography portfolios
  2. Photographic sales and marketing skills
  3. Photography contracts
  4. Copyright registration
  5. Buying vs. renting equipment
  6. Photography workshops
  7. Professional development

For more information, or to purchase the downloadable eBook ($15.00) click here.


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