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Afraid your marketing will bother your prospects?

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Are you afraid your marketing will bother your prospects?

If so, that will get in the way of growing your business.

“You have to hit them over the head!”

That’s what I hear myself saying a lot lately when a client complains that:

  • “No one replied to my email newsletter.” or
  • “Only one person responded to my warm email prospecting.” or
  • “That supposedly hot prospect never even acknowledged receipt of my proposal.”

We all know the statistics about how many “touches” it takes to even get on someone’s radar, especially in this chaotic media environment. (At least 7, sometimes many more!)

That’s why repetition is everything. I’ve learned that as I’ve been building the ecommerce side of my business.

Unless I say, “Buy this now at this price before this date,” many people won’t take notice.

That’s why I (and so many marketers) send so many email messages. Yes, it can be annoying, but it works!

So if you’re afraid to be annoying, you won’t be an effective marketer. You can’t have it both ways!

My suggestion: accept the fact that some people will be bothered. That’s okay. Because other people won’t and those are the ones who will buy from you, now or later.

Scott W. agrees with me. He was one of many who responded with recognition to this message when I sent it out as a Quick Tip.

Yes, I am that person. And it’s funny how when I think back at my own buying decisions how many have come after I’d seen messages over and over. I admit that I have even bought your products because of the urgency you’ve put on the offer. And if I am bothered by a particular message I just ignore it. I don’t blame the company for putting it in front of me. 

So why is it that I (and others) are so worried about bothering people? Well for me it may boil down to confidence in myself. That’s probably where the work needs to happen. Or perhaps, I just need to bother people enough that they start buying and force me to deliver. That would build the confidence. Either way it’s a step forward. 

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