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A Ridiculous Way to Run a Business

Posted by Ilise Benun on

After our initial consultation, Marissa Strassel of Chicago-based, Strassel Creative, a new Marketing Mentor client, put this on a Post-It on her computer: “Stop being so nice. You have a business to run.”

Here’s why: 

“When working with clients, I often de-value my work because I feel bad about how much it will cost them. If additional services come up during the project, I hesitate to ask for more money even if I am providing additional value. This is a ridiculous way to run a business. My new mantra is this message to myself… to appreciate how hard I work and the great work I do for my clients. I don't give myself enough credit and this plays out negatively in all kinds of ways — how I position myself, how I price a project. By putting that note on my computer, it's a great reminder to take emotion out of the process and be realistic about my business goals moving forward.”


Are you running your business in a ridiculous way too?

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