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A few tidbits…

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Have you been blogging lately?  I was blog surfing, and I found 6 tidbits that I thought I’d share– in case you’re in the mood to expand your brain today.

1. Want to leave the corporate world and pursue your own business full time?
Pamela Slim's book, Escape from Cubicle Nation, is available for pre-order.  It might just contain the practical advice and inspiration that you need.

2. Facebook is Getting Better for Business.  Here are two posts about recent changes to Facebook that make it better for business use: &

3. Staying in Demand. This article is about how to stay in demand– it's definitely worth a read.

4. Staying calm in a tough economy. This article contains some helpful tips on rising above fear in a recession. Maybe a change in perspective can go further than I thought…

5. A+ for E-Newsletters. Do you write an e-newsletter?  Here's an article about why it's great if you have one, and why you should start one if you don't.

6. Social Networkers.
This article definitely got me thinking—it’s about social networking and ROI.

Find anything good out there?  If so, please share.. 

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