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A better way to think about cold calling

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

I’m seeing a pattern to the conquering of fear where cold calling is concerned.

Judith Reppucci
described her "Just Do It" method of turning things around right here last week.

And the other day, I got an email from designer and Twitter bud of mine, Dani Nordin, of The Zen Kitchen. She’s in the throes of ratcheting up her business; in fact, she recently became a Marketing Mentor client, to help things along.

In a recent blog post, Dani relates that she realized pretty fast (smart girl!) that part of the engine
of growth at this new and rarified level is—you guessed it—cold calling.

She also talks about the small-but-huge shift in attitude that helped her get over the hump of a couple different aspects of connecting:

In my mind, part of the reason networking events (or cold calls, for
that matter) can be difficult for some folks is because it’s hard to
tell what the point is. What are you looking for? What do you expect to
happen? What would you LIKE to happen? And often, I’ve found that just
articulating that one thing before you get to an event, or before you
call a prospect, can make all the difference between leaving the
situation feeling like you’ve gotten something done and leaving feeling
like you’ve just wasted your time.

Both Dani and Judith are really doing the same thing: looking at something differently. It’s a small but significant shift. In Dani’s case, she came up with an actual prescription (which I love, and plan to use); Judith powered through, but still, the fundamental difference between before and after for her was to wonder "what if?"

What if I could make this a pleasant experience? What if I felt the fear and did it anyway?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot myself, wondering what I would do or how I would act if I wasn’t afraid of x, y or z. For me, kind of ironically, the fear has been more about expressing fear. And guess what? In not one single instance has actually verbalizing something I thought might be stupid, lame or foolhardy made me blow up in a puff of flames and smoke; most times, the thing itself wasn’t even stupid!

What one thing have you looked at differently lately? And has looking at it in a new way either changed how you dealt with it, or made it possible to deal with it at all?

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