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9 steps to a realistic and effective keyword campaign

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Quite a few people found our post, Keywords Made Simple, useful, so we thought we’d give you more on this topic.

Do you dream of a Fortune 500 SVP of Marketing doing a search for “graphic design firm” on Google and having your web site come up at the top of the list?

Well, dream on.

You will get better search engine results if you focus on a narrow specialty than if you go broad with “graphic design firm.” Your job is to build a brand around the keywords that describe your expertise from your client’s point of view. If you choose a sufficiently narrow area, it is possible to own the keywords and keyword phrases around it.

I’ve created 9 steps to finding keywords that will realistically and effectively work for your business.  Here’s one tip:

List the end result of what you do. Think in terms of what your clients walk away with. What is the tangible they come looking for and think they need? What is the tangible they get? A report or an analysis? A brochure or web site? Also, list each individual service that you offer.

I’m happy to share the rest of the list. If you’d like it, just email, and we’ll send it right over.

And if you need to get your marketing-smart website up and running, there is an intense Website in a Week group happening the week of August 16 – 23rd. If you join, you can have the marketing-smart content for your site finished before Labor Day. Details here or fill out this form.

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