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5 YouTube Marketing Tips

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Today, we have a guest post from Vera Mosley about how to use YouTube to your full advantage.

Think of the Internet as the world’s biggest marketing toolbox. Sites like YouTube can be one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Remember the hamburger fast food joint, McDonald's slogan (on every one of their golden arches sign) "Billions and Billions Served"? Well the same thing holds true for the number of videos shown at online video streaming mega site, YouTube. The only difference is they are serving up billions of videos every month!

Using this channel for effective YouTube Marketing is a great way for you to promote your promotional videos online. Following are 5 key tips you'll want to try and maximize with every online video you create. And remember, the most important tip is to have fun!

Make it short and sweet. Statistics show that most of the folks who watch videos on the computer tend to prefer short form over longer episodic or movie length features. 3 to 5 minutes should be more than enough time to get your message across while still holding the attention span of today's easily distracted Internet users. If a video is extremely entertaining you might get away with extending its playing time out to 5 to 8 minutes, but you'll have to be sure that folks are going to stay around and take it all in.

Create a brand. Hopefully you've already started working on your brand. If not, make sure you develop a recognizable logo and or catch phrase. Keep whatever you create short, punchy and to the point. Remember, the attention span of online video viewers is short.

Make it memorable. Humor is always a great way to create viewing hits with online video. While this may be hard to do in relation to developing a YouTube marketing campaign, you can still create a memorable experience with solid production values and catchy graphics/titling sequences.

Spread the word. Whatever message you're marketing you need to get the word out there using whatever tools available. If YouTube marketing is a way you decide to promote your company or promotion, realize it is but one rung on the ladder up to success. Get your video up and then focus on driving folks to YouTube to see it. From your channel you'll need to develop the directives to move the viewer along to your ultimate destination. That might be your website, social media sites or wherever you're thinking you can eventually monetize your viewers/listeners.

YouTube marketing can help you get to a destination. Though it may seem it, in and of itself the video site is not likely to be the end point you'll want your paying customers at. Get them fired up about your offerings. Provide easy to use tools that allow them to virally share your message. Then give them that easy button which will take them deeper into the world you’re hoping to immerse them in.

These tips work well when promoting a music video.  There are many recording artists that were YouTube stars before they were sought out by record labels…for example, Justin Bieber.    He had many videos with thousands of hits before he was found, but he did not do any promotion of his videos.

Imagine if he had applied the above four steps?

Remember, too, these tips absolutely will not provide you with overnight success. They'll take time to put into place, develop traffic flows and ultimately you'll begin to see the successful conversion from your YouTube marketing efforts.

Vera Mosley is a marketing expert, specifically in the music industry with a focus on music promotion.  She is now a writer for a music ringtones company.  When she is not writing or blogging, she loves to spend time with her twin daughters. 

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