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5 ways to make time for marketing

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Time continues to accelerate, with no signs of slowing or stopping. It’s hard enough to keep up with the things you must do; when the crunch is on (and really, when is it not?), how do you find the time to handle the so-called lower-priority stuff: the promotion and marketing and suchlike that never seems to present itself with the kind of urgency your other "fires" do?

I say it’s time to look at marketing differently. Slice it small and think creatively: can you steal a minute or two to call a client whose name pops in your head on the way from the grocery store line to your car? How about forwarding a cool link you stumble upon, or posting it to your, your Stumbles or your own blog/website?

Here are five quick "marketing" tricks to keep a hand in:

1. Send a postcard.

I keep a variety of them (and small notecards) on hand for this purpose. People love getting mail, and a short note is a nice, simple way to keep in touch…for both of you!

2. Post to your Twitter.

What’s Twitter, you ask? It’s enforced short communication: a combination of mini-blog and social networking. (Here’s mine, so you can get the general idea.) You get 140 characters to say something–that’s it! Good discipline, great way to stay in touch.

3. Call right now.

The best time to call someone is often when you’re thinking of them. Yes, it happens at odd times. If they’re too odd, call yourself and leave a message to call them at an appropriate time the next day. Sure, it counts: like your client/contact/friend is going to know they popped in your head at 11pm instead of 2pm?

4. Forward a link.

Sending an email is marketing? Yes, if contains content that’s useful to the other party. We all spend time surfing, catching up on blogs–all kinds of online stuff. When you find something cool, forward it on with a little message. Yes, right then. Or save it to your drafts folder if you don’t want people to know your surfing habits. 

5. Visit a favorite marketing blog and leave a comment.

Remember: you don’t have to blog to get into social media. And look–you’re on a blog right now. With enabled comments! Don’t forget to leave your URL. And to add something useful to the conversation.

Like…other ideas for quickie marketing?

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