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5 Things To Make Clients Love You

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Last month while I was in Toronto for the RGD's DesignThinkers conference, I also spoke at an event put on by the Bauhub, which calls itself a "collective of marketing professionals."

I was one of 18 speakers asked to give 5 minute presentations, which is more difficult than you might think — certainly more difficult than the usual 1 hour presentation I'm accustomed to giving.

Plus the topic was new — 5 things to make your clients love you — so the whole thing was one grand experiment.

I've outlined the 5 things I came up with below and they're all about communication skills.

And tell me what you think…agree, disagree and/or add your own in the comments!

5 Things To Make Clients Love You

  1. Blend creative passion with an understanding of business goals. Present your ideas with passion but also the ability to explain how it achieves
    their objectives.
  2. Don't be flaky. Be reliable instead.(I was surprised when everyone laughed at this.)
  3. Don't say no. Say, "yes, but…" instead. Find a solution and don't be a diva.
  4. No surprise invoices. Instead, let clients know regularly where they are in their budget.
  5. Show that you care — about their business, about their goals and about making them look good!

You can watch the rest of the videos here:

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